Saturday, August 20, 2016

J Hood Don Status Vlog ( talks ending lox feud )

J Hood Interview

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J-Hood - Letter To The LOX [2009]

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J Hood Come Up 10 Freestyle


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Magic feat. C-Murder & Snoop Dogg - Down For My Niggas (Remix)

Young M.A." I Had to Decline The Role On Empire"

An open letter to Rapper Young MA: I'm not your enemy

XXL Freshman 2016- Young M.A. Pitch

A$AP Rocky - Multiply (Explicit) ft. Juicy J

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A$AP ROCKY - F**kin' Problems ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar

A$AP Rocky - Goldie

A$AP ROCKY - Long Live A$AP (Explicit)

ASAP Rocky "Peso"

Young M.A: Boyce Watkins Criticizing My Freestyle Made it Go Viral

Brooklyn's own, Young M.A—which stands for Me Always—made her mark on the music scene when she went viral for her "Chiraq" freestyle, which currently has a little over 4 million YouTube views. Although, Young M.A seemed to hold her own lyrically on the track, she admitted that she gained major exposure when Dr. Boyce Watkins stirred up major controversy over her song. "Then I looked at it as negativity, but now that I developed and everything, I kind of look at it like it's a blessing," she said. "I understand what he was saying, but I took it as—don't judge me off of one song because you're not in my shoes. You're not living and experiencing the things that I'm going through in my life." While she's a proud lesbian, Young M.A said she felt she was targeted by the "People's Scholar" because she's a female emcee. "I felt like maybe because I'm a woman and I'm speaking like this," She said before looking at the bigger picture, "I'm just happy it happened early."

Young M.A "Oh My Gawdd" (Freestyle Video)

Young M.A Interview With The Breakfast Club (8-19-16)

Up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Young M.A discusses being influenced by 50 Cent, realizing she was gay at a young age, how she's been able to break through and much more with The Breakfast Club.