Thursday, November 17, 2016

Soulja Boy Leaves the Country and Goes to PARIS after Rico Recklezz Almost Caught him Lacking in LA!

Bill O'Reilly vs David Duke White Surpremacist

Fredo Santana Announces He's Running for Mayor. Details Policies- Savage Counseling on Every Corner.

Black TV Show Coon Host Tommy Sotomayor Takes on David Duke

David Duke CNN Interview on Bannon Exposes Jewish Bias

‘You Should Be Ashamed!’: CNN Panel Ignites Over Bannon Hire

Trump Already Lashing Out At Media

Trump To Appoint White Supremecist To Made-Up Post

Beanie Sigel Squashes Beef with Dreamchaser Affiliate That Allegedly Knocked Him Out.

Why Steve Bannon In The White House Makes Perfect Sense

Bernie Sanders Gets New Leadership Role

Rae Sremmurd 'Black Beatles' song Goes #1 in the Country. Ebro says the #MannequinChallenge did it.

Derrick Rose Sues Woman for $70K That Claimed He Raped Her After Him & his Homies Ran a Train on her

Sanders Takes on Trump, Clinton at SC Rally