Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Van Jones BLOWS UP On Kayleigh McEnany "You Need To Back Off!"

Amanda Carpenter Crushes Kayleigh McEnany After Having Kayleigh Throw Her Education In Amanda's Face

On CNN, Reza Aslan Schools Kayleigh McEnany over Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban

CNN Panel Debates, "Mike Pence thinks Gays can be CURED with CONVERSION Therapy."

CNN Panel HEATED Debate over Trump CAUSING the Rise of White Nationalist ALT Right

Roland Martin: I Don't Use The Term Alt-Right, I Call It What It Is – White Nationalism

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Gets His Butt Kicked

Disgusting Video Exposes Richard Spencer. The Alt-Right VS Neo Nazis

Richard Spencer - NPI 2016, Full Speech