Monday, March 27, 2017

Goldie The Mack a.k.a. ICEBERG SLIM

Goldie The Mack

Versace Being Sued for Using Secret Code for Black Customers

Woman Believed In Trump's Immigration Policies, Now Her Husband Is Being Deported

Cardi B Loves Lil Kim's Sluttiness, Dating Black Guys, Latinos Using the N-Word

Cardi B on Getting Any Man She Wants, Having a Low Body Count

Cardi B on Doing Threesomes for "Cool Points" from Her Boyfriend, Not Liking it

Lil Durk: Chicago is Respect, Loyalty, Disloyalty, Sneak Dissin, Set Bangin

Lil Durk on Rap Beefs: If There's No Blood Spilled, It's Nothing

Lil Durk Proclaims "I'm the Allah of Chicago" When Asked if He's the Best

Tariq Nasheed Talks About The Missing Girls In DC

Casanova Talks Tour With Chris Brown, The First Time He Got Arrested & Not Speaking To His Siblings

Casanova 2X on Stabbing 12 Inmates, Beating Cellmates, Doing 7.5 Years

Tay 600 on L'A Capone Murder, Getting Snatched Up into Cdai & Rondo's Case

Tay600 admits to snitching in Say Cheese TV interview. What nobody else seems to have realised yet.

Ewol Samo Gives Update From The Cook County Jail 2017 | Shot By @TheRealZacktv1

Cardi B - Washpoppin

Cardi B on Getting Into 13 Fist Fights, Getting Jumped, Fights with Her Mom

Cardi B - Foreva

Cardi B - Lick (Audio)

Cardi B - Pop Off (Audio) ft. Casanova

Billionaire Black & Popperazzi Po (Alpo Son) Invades New York | Shot By @TheRealZacktv1

Cardi B Brings Out Edenwald Projects (B.X.) For Her Club Performance | Shot By @TheRealZacktv1